60/20/10 Rule

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I know you are familiar with this rule you might have studied in your school or you might have read about this topic in the book of the famous and best seller author asvp Hitesh.

Uff waits a moment even though I haven’t released any kind of content like this before then how could you be familier with this concept but soon possibly you can see whatever I have said to in the reality.

Well so that’s a part of the fun for today’s article but today I’m really serious about the topic which I’m going to share with you and believe me through this concept you can come out from a lot of problems which you are facing in your daily life routine.

So what is the 60/20/10 Rule?

How does this work?

How you can beneficiated from this concept?

How you can overcome a lot of diseases through this concept?

How you can manage a happy and healthy lifestyle through this concept?

What is a requirement for this concept?

So with these all questions, we are going to have to look at and learn something new today.

So let’s get started,

It was not the first time but I have often faced this issue called digestive problem and you know very well how dangerous this is, and of course in the summer season when the temperature gets high then a majority of people face digestive-related problems it could be gas Dakar constipation.

And I have always observed if I got any kind of physical issue or mental issue it all concerned with the digestive issue I always took it very easily what does matter if I face this kind of issue then when doctors will make use for their availability. But having a digestive problem is not a limit till stomach pain or something else its affects other parts of our body in our organs especially its makes you mentally ill and that all happens very slowly and you don’t realize suddenly you have a feeling like you are getting tired very quick you feel lazy and low energy in your body you feel some kind of burden in your mind you feel that you don’t have any problem in your life but you feel stress you feel overwhelming,

And you assume that its happening because of workload because of your boss because of your college because of your family your parents your gf bf or husband or wife but this is not completely true,

Might be you have a toxic relationship with your partner or you are or your boss doesn’t like you but here we need to understand despite this entire thing we are more responsible for the problems we face in our daily life how?

So here I’m going to explain how we are responsible and the enemy of our own happiness and peaceful life.

As I live alone in the city and most of the time I used to don’t cook my food and I always prefer my meal from outside and for a quality base food I I have never compromised with the money I spend a lot of money for having a good or neat and clean food I never thought how expensive this food gonna be,

But having expensive food was not enough for health as I have learned there are some other factor really matter for a good and nutrient food you might won’t believe but its do really matter the intension of cook who prepare your food what kind of thought they carry what kind of mood they have

Isn’t sound very weird but somehow its true,

And I can explain this,

Think about your home who cooks food for you obviously your mother or your father or your elder or your servant for the moment we are not going to include the servant who cooks food for you here I’m talking about mother and another family member so what happens that have you ever noticed if you are eating a meal which your mother cooks from long ago and suddenly spouse you don’t know today meal was prepared by your neighbor and when you get served that food then immediately you realize that it is something different today this is the same food same meal but not those ones which I have been consuming since long ago.

And it’s true it often happens like this,

So here what did you understand?

You might say this a not make any sense coz everyone has their own way and skill to cook food so you can see the difference.

All right I agree with you but despite this entire thing you have to understand this concept of how our minds work I believe you might never get ill by the food which your mother has cooked there could be another reason if you get ill but why when you get ill or fever then you only prefer the food which is prepared by your mother why you do not prefer from any restaurant even that time you can not have any desire to have a portion of food from outside why?

Because it’s your belief you believe in your mother you believe your mother is not gonna happen something wrong with you.

And another side when your mother prepares food for you whether you or ill or not they always try to provide you one of the best food they can cook she just not cook for you because you are hungry she knows very well you need a good nutrient food.

Now tell me any big restaurants or hotels can think for you like this?

Might be they will serve you one of the expensive food but where is that blessing where is that intention which was only for your health?

When you eat expensive food then you just fill your empty stomach and then nothing else.

So here I’m saying to you from today you are not gonna be eat food from outside, isn’t it?

No, you can have, and once a week is enough then you should always prefer your homemade food.

And another important thing is whenever you get a chance to express your gratitude don’t stop yourself just do it whether it is a cook in a restaurant or if your mother or father or your brother or sister don’t hesitate everybody like appreciation for their work,

I know most of the time we always ignore our mother whether she has cooked delicious food or not but she deserves appreciation.

So make me promise today and you gonna say thank you to your mother or your family member who cooks food for you.

So here I’m gonna share with you about 60/20/10 I’m not going deeply I just share with you some fundamentals of this concept coz this article has become already long so I will try to explain the rest of the concept in detail in my further post,

So this the concept which is inspired by Ayurveda and according to this concept we should have our meal according to nature means to try to understand if you see animals, especially the animal who they are vegetarian their routine is like in the early morning they search for their meal and till the end of the day they come back to their places and they follow up the same routine every day and you will not see any animal week or ill in the jungle as compare to the zoo.

Coz they follow nature’s signal, they do not eat anything until they don’t get hungry.

And here look at us we don’t have a routine for our meal and despite these, all we are consuming foods which are not good for our health.

So the 60/20/10 concept is all about our health what is needed to do that in our every day the consumption of food should be like

60% of consumption should have the morning to afternoon, then after 20% consumption should have after, afternoon then 10% of consumption should have in the evening before sunset.

And the amount of food consumption should have like

60% of food should have raw food and green vegetables in their natural form, not a cooked form.

20% food you can have whatever you want to eat it could be anything doesn’t matter how junk those foods are

Then again

10% of food should have vegetables that contain water in a large amount.

Isn’t very hard expensive and very tough to follow this routine but I challenge you the cost of these foods is very cheaper than the food you have been consuming.

And write down my word if you follow this rule you are not gonna be ill not a deadly disease can be the touch you doesn’t matter if it is cancer or any other.

You will see the amazing result you haven’t expected.

Yes, it’s me who saying to you coz I follow this routine and I have seen the transformation in my life not only in the health scenarios but rather my profession and financial too.

So as said before I’m not gonna be deeply into this concept right now in my next article I will explain to you how consuming raw food can help us come out from disease and how you can lose weight without leaving your favorite dishes or foods.

I hope this article helped you if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask me.

Thank you and have a great day.

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