I welcome death

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Do you thinking about the title, how can I write like this, in fact, how could someone write like this,

Is everything fine with me?

Come on don’t need to worry about me, I’m fine and on my way.

So why did I write like this?

So exactly I’m going to explain what I have learned about death.

So what is death?

When we get off forever from this world or when our breath gets off for forever or our body gets sleep for forever,

Then we assume that someone has died or is alive

am I right?

But what would be your reaction if I say we get die every day or neither a person dies nor get birth,

Isn’t sound like very stupid.

But according to my understanding, this is true and I can explain how it is true.

So let’s get start,

I have been living alone for almost since last more than 2 years and for the last 1 year, I have been living completely alone without having any kind of contact with my parents, friends, or family I have been in touch with only two-person and even they didn’t know that I have no any kind of contact with my family.

So why?

this is a long story I will tell you in my further articles but right now we are going to understand death and I’m sure after reading this article you will learn something new which might you haven’t before.

So as I am living alone without having contact with any closest person and during this period I got a chance to learn a lot of things which was almost impossible to learn while staying with my home and my family.

As human beings, we do a lot of mistakes and sometimes we get filled to ourselves with regression and guilt resistance these are the things that cannot leave us entire our life we can not able to forget.

As a human being, I also have done some mistakes, and when I got reminded of those things I felt like why? Why I did do that thing?

But if we practically think about that then even thinking about those things like a follies thing coz they have been gone for forever now tell me what you can do about those mistakes which you have been made do you correct them in your present do you fix them in your present obviously you cant but you can learn from those mistakes right.

I know it is easy to say but it’s true you can’t do anything for the mistakes which you have already done if you can do anything then just move on.

But it’s not an easy job.

So how we can overcome from the mistakes which we have done how we can come out of the feeling of regression and guilt resistance.

So the solution is death.


Hang on

Is it I’m, saying about the suicide attempts.

Then no.

Here I’m going to explain to you how we can come out from our past life regression guilt through death without killing ourselves.

So what happened that as a routine I was thinking as thinkers do and I had come a moment inside of my mind from my past and I don’t want to remind the moment, incidents which have been passed whether it be good or bad but as I say in the beginning they are gonna not leave you until your death come.

Now think about that, in a practical way what happens after our death what happens to the thoughts which we have been carrying with us entire our life until we don’t get die what happens to those regressions guilt complaints which we carry entire our life like a burden,

Think about that

Isn’t interesting

Everything gets left behind us after our death even, you don’t know what has happened with your body?

And if I talk about death then you don’t know when you will gonna die neither I nobody knows when they have gonna die might be next few hours or few second is our last few second in this world might be next 2 day one month one year becomes our last day or year.

Anything could happen and we don’t have control over this.

So what happened that as I was living without having contact with my family I realize even though they don’t know if I’m alive or dead I don’t have any idea what’s going on with my family and between this gap I came a thought that that exactly happens after our death.

entire our life we fight with each other we blame to each other we say this is my things this is my body this is my house this is my parents this is my girlfriend or boyfriend this is my husband or wife this is my brother or sister this is my friend.

Now think about whether they really personally belong to you if you think yes then till when?

Until they are alive they exist in this world likewise you exist for them until you are alive and in fact all those things which you think that this is mine.

And after death, you don’t know what was your

nobody cares what was your, for a few days they will cry for you they will miss you but till when?

after all, they have to move on and this is not being a selfish this is the option which provides by the nature universe and you have to accept it and you have to compromise with it this is the only way to survive.

So after all these points, I reached a conclusion Death is not a different, death exists in this world like life exists according to Hinduism philosophy our death has already get written since we get birth.

And I believe we carry death with ourselves every moment in our life in fact death has always been one step ahead and like walking you get impinge with any poll or any person, same death happens coz you don’t know when will death stop walking and life will get impinge with death.

Here try to understand every moment you live you have to feel you are alive you exist in this world that is life and those all moments incident which have been passed that’s all have died,

So what do you understand?

Like nobody gonna cry forever for your death,

Even you are not gonna cry for someone who is not gonna come back into your life in this world,

then why?

Why do we think we feel regression for those moments of those incidents which have passed.

They all have been dead.

Even I would say the memories which make you emotional or happy, they also have been died.

As Bhagwat Geeta has mentioned and one of my favorite sloka which is my ideology inspiration for dealing with this world and life too is,

ॐ सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ ।

This means in every situation we have to be in the same state of mind coz nothing is gonna have permanent in this world

If you are happy today then you cant expect the same thing the same day will repeat to you.

So why not, we just live and just watch our moment activities

Here I’m not saying that you have to live your life very monotonously

no, when you get a chance to enjoy the moment just do it and celebrate it, but don’t think you are going to carry on this for a lifetime.

Every day when you woke up just live like a new day beginning, live in the present,

Do not forget that if you have carried life then death is always there

As I always used to say that after birth one of the most beautiful gift which has gifted by God is Death.

The gap between life and death is called Sambhav.

This means In every situation your mood should have balanced

And if you want a balanced life you have to put yourself in the gap between life and death

Life realizes to you, that you are alive and be happy for everything you have and death realizes to you that whatever you have nothing is yours so don’t be over happy.

Here you have to understand this point your job is life to live, which god or the universe has given to you but when death comes don’t be afraid

it is a part of life and like you don’t have control over where and how you do birth likewise you don’t have the right to destroy your life in fact any living being which exists in this world.

So the summary is,

Every day when you wake up it’s your new birth,

Every day which has been passed it was your past life

Which has been dead,

Which has been gone forever,

And it’s not gonna have come back so don’t waste your time

To the thinking of them whether it be a good or bad experience

Forget and move on.

Live only in the moment that has right now.

Now today whatever you are it’s your new version

It is different from the old one it requires changes

you have to allow yourself to changes

It is unique and not an in-between billon of one,

It’s only one.

It is very smart very handsome and beautiful

It is very intelligent and powerful  

It is very good and honest

Everybody loves this one

It’s you, your inspiration

It’s you, your ideal

It’s very calm in every situation

Yes it is you

A new version of yourself.

Thank you and have a great day.

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