Do this exercise and get instant result                                                               

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                                       Facial exercise

You might be familiar with this exercise and if I talk about me then firstly it was a very weird kind of exercise you makes your face kind of weird and it makes your face ugly for a moment but it really works and if you are a working professional or if you are enthusiastic about beauty or face glowing tips or tricks then you must try this exercise and its doesn’t matter if you are men or women after doing this exercise you feel thanks and it’s not only for adult anyone can get benefited by this exercise coz it helps you to keep calm to yourself so whenever you feel stress or headache then do this exercise and I’m sure you will feel and get an instant result.

Now how to do this exercise first of you can easily get the tutorial videos of this exercise on youtube. And I’m thinking about I could upload a tutorial video along with this post.

So what you have to do that as you do physical exercise then you feel that your muscle of head also getting stretch along with your entire body muscle and this is the time when your blood circulation happens very fast entire you body and that is the reason you feel very relax and calm after physical exercise, and when after physical exercise blood circulation happen on your head then your face started to glow.

Coz this time sweats get released from your body and your muscle get moisturized. And if you are not able to do physical exercise because there could be a lot of reason then you can do facial exercise although here I would not say that facial exercise can take over place of the entire body or physical exercise but it help you to get an instant result.

You need to stretch your entire body muscle part you need to hold your breath and close your eyes hardly and stretch your cheek as you do like while you getting an injection on your body.

Do open your mouth as you can do and let have to stretch muscles of your head.

And feel that sound of silence as someone hits you from your back head.

And do it again and again,

Now tell me how was it have you feeling better than before right now,

I’m sure you are.

You can do it anytime whenever you want to do,

If you feel lazy after waking up then you can do this you will feel very fresh and relaxed.

If you work in the office or if you are a housewife or if you are a student or your work is like one sitting on table chair on the front of desktop you can do it easily and you can get refreshment initially without getting coffee.

I hope this article has helped you let me share your thought and your experience.

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