A good relationship is a key to happiness.

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I know this is a very different topic but it’s very necessary to have understood it because if you are practicing meditation then obviously you want to improvise your life your career grow your relationship and only practicing meditation or knowledge of meditation cant help you to bring a transformation in your life what I have learned from life is that at the end of point everything gets end at one point and everything has connected with each other sometimes we think that we are playing very smartly and nobody watching you but although if anyone watching you or not but it gets to entry on the account of your Karama balance sheet and you don’t face the problems of others somehow it’s you, who face the problems created by itself and you can’t blame to someone else,

So here I want to say to you if you think that meditation can help you to come out from the problems which you have created then you are wrong you can get instant relief but you won’t get the solution of your problems, my GURU says that there is the only solution of your problems

Why do you need to create problems if you already know that after happening this you are going to get in trouble?

A good relationship – it will start with you if you think for having a good relationship someone need to change then it’s not going to happen and you can’t change someone else if you can then it’s you, you know what, what usually happens that we think like why this person is like this, why that person is like that and we try to judge others but have you ever thought about that why are you like this why only someone else have you ever tried to look yourself instead of others it’s hard to accept but it’s true because we don’t want to accept the fault we have, try to understand you don’t need to prove someone else that you are honest or you are a nice guy but you have to understand this thing why that person is like that what could be the reason how can i help to him.

If you don’t help someone you can’t be judgmental of someone else.

Where we do mistakes-  one of the biggest mistakes we do is we try to find out our solution to others if we have problems with our parents if we have problems with our brother or sisters then why do we share to someone who doesn’t know even you remember nobody knows you better than your parents or your brother or sisters its help you and you feel an instant relief while you share something and which you want to keep secret with might be your friends or someone who you know but what is a guarantee for that he is not going to tell you someone else its hard to accept but it’s true.

Your family needs your help and nobody can be your well-wisher than your family you know arguments and sometimes little bit fight kind things happen in every family its, not about me or you rather every family all around the world if someone has nothing then I try to achieve at least something else if someone has more than nothing then he desires to achieve more and if someone has everything they try to search for truth,

Everyone on this planet searching for something everyone has expectations but sometimes we forget what would be if we get whatever we want and we would have nobody with whom want to celebrate our success,

I just want to say if you think you need to talk to your family then talk but don’t share your family matters with outsiders.

You need to keep this point inside your mind- I remember once one of my friends who always available for people and he has a very big friend circle and he try to give each one to his time expect than his own family and really it was impressive when we go through the city and after every 3rd or 4rth person recognized him and used express their greeting like hey bro how are you and might be that was the reason he tries to give his time and sometimes he used to invest money for them because he gets special attention once I visited his house and I saw that he has a very big family and it seems like they used to expect more from his son because they need his help but they didn’t stop to my friend for whatever he used to do,

I realize it and I talked about that and I said to my friend, your family need your help and I don’t think you need to spend time with each person who you have even a little bit interaction an that time he just ignored it and after few month latter an incident happened it was maybe around mid night he come to me and say brother I need your help I said say he said my mother went to meet my uncle and she got accident we need to bring back in house could you please go along with me I said why not and when we were on the way he told me the entire story how this incident was happened and he suddenly said that you were right I always tried to help those persons they pretend me like my well wisher but when I need their help everyone has excuses I said whether you make a lot of friends when you feel pain its family who come to in your mind first and its family who always with you when your tough time here im not saying that friends don’t help to us while our tough time there is difference between a few good friends and a lot of known people.

I remember when we bring back to his mother at the house his father appreciated me and it made me feel like family.

Give prioritize to your family first –  have you ever faced this kind of situation while you have a little bit of argument with your family or sometimes you may be got shouted by your parents at least once in your life you have faced this kind of situation am I right now how did I know, common we are human and we are social animals and this kind of incident happens almost with all family around the world now try to understand why because we care to each other we don’t want to see our loving one to in any kind of trouble we all want to protect our family especially once we become parents then our first prioritize get become to protect to our family but sometimes because of our ego we forget that what we are without our family because of a little argument happened and our ego gets hurt and from that time a person who has cared about us since our childhood who cared about our every necessity they get become villain for us,

The first thing you need to care about that do not spread your family problems among people even don’t involve your relatives and friends try to keep it confine you, and with your family members and try to solve your problems in your own way don’t involve with others if it requires to talk then talk, keep your ego away among family help to each other and try to understand each other because sometimes we need an emotional supports and we don’t get it from our family then we try to find it outside in others and then the real troubles the real problems get started.

Thank you.

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