Why do I consider myself an Artist?

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My father is a former teacher (Head Master) I wouldn’t say a retired teacher coz I believe a teacher can’t be retired until he doesn’t retires from this world and because I’m still learning from my father and he is the first teacher of my life and school too so he would be one of my favorite teachers all time ever in my life,

So, my father is a former teacher and he always used to call me by

Son of an artist instead of the son of a teacher.

I have come through a long journey and through my journey I have learned a lot of things and I always tried to learn various

kind of skills and obviously Since childhood, if anything has really Fascinated me it is art and at an early age I started getting interested in painting, and making sculptures and we had a musical instrument, although sometimes my father used to play for us and entertained us.

he used to play that instrument at a young age on occasion like live concerts and really it was one of the best moments of my life in our home I and my sisters used to sing songs and my father used to play that instrument. we really used to enjoy,

But as When I was growing up things started to change obviously family pressure social pressure educational pressure and people around me, they filled in my mind And you can say that somehow I was forced to believe this if anything is really important in life that is study and studies only, and if you don’t get the good mark

you would be useless you will consider as looser you and can’t get any job without good marks and if you don’t have a good job you can’t get a pretty woman with whom you can marry and a lot more scary things like this.

And then I tried to become the person that I couldn’t be, then I started to do that thing

which later I realized this is something wrong which I’m doing with myself I realized I’m becoming the part of rate-race nobody has any clarity it kind of setup a trap that is created by illuminates who running this entire world and playing with people’s minds and making decision behalf of them yes if people think they are making their own decision they are wrong either they are forced to make decision or they don’t have any other options because the key of controlling this all thing has somebody else few people either they have their own agenda or they are following the pattern of someone else

So, you can say my artistic soul never allowed me to become like someone else,

Then that time came when everything was going against me This was a very difficult time for me. I was broken inside I thought everything was over.

And now I have nothing left. I can’t blame anyone else but somehow, I was the reason that made mistakes and messed up my own life

but later I realized that whatever happened to me it’s all about the process of life and till I don’t get a lesson from whatever happened to me, somehow it was necessary to happen to me

But I would appreciate myself I never lost hope, I never gave up I started fighting this battle in my own way and I kept my journey continuously because somehow,

I always knew That every great opportunity will always be ahead of us in life, not in our past.

I knew there must be some path waiting for me and I’m going to do something extraordinary along that path

and I never stopped myself, I continued my journey and the best thing I did during this time is that I focused on learning rather than earning or getting a certificate or degree I tried to reach out to people who were doing the best in their chosen fields, I tried to learn everything I could from them, I studied about them and I learned that success is not an overnight result you have to go through the procedure

before you face others You have to face and deal with your inner self, you have to fight the things that hinder your success, If you have any bad habits, you will have to overcome them by adopting good habits. if you think or feel that if anything that stopping you from achieving what you deserve first you have to deal with that, You have to come out of your comfort zone, you have to realize and you have to believe that you are now free from the old version of yourself,

If I talk about my father then somehow, they always knew that, how important is to have an artistic mentality and character in a person,

here I’m not saying that being artistic means doing artistic things like playing musical instruments or painting and

sketching or doing theater like stuff try to understand everyone has an artistic quality if you think you don’t have you are wrong even

you have also come on look inside you and figure out, figure out what is the thing that mostly fascinates you and it’s doesn’t matter

that it should be similar as what others do you might have your own way of doing artistic things recently I did read an article in China a watchman who created a wall painting because he used to get bored during his working hours and could you believe how much value of those painting right now it’s the million-dollar value of those painting isn’t a really interesting and surprising but it’s true,

Like this, you might have your own creativity so give some time to yourself and enhance your creativity level who knows during this procedure you can figure out something interesting which About which even you still don’t know. Take action do some work and show the entire world that talent that you have,

Via social media, You can easily reach out to those people and show them your creativity and your artistic personality that is inside you who just want an opportunity from you,

So, we all are the creation of the universe we all are the beautiful art by god by nature and we need to

understand this and I believe that an artist can survive anywhere on this planet,

And might this all are the reason that’s why my father always encouraged me toward learning new skills and learning skills are not only something like survival stuffs it’s something like enlightenment, I’m not saying that after that you will get enlightenment and even I’m not sure about what is the actual feeling of

enlightenment but yeah when you try to explore yourself through learning different skills You will find that in the end, everything ends just as it began. And this is the reality that our beginning is our end, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed.

What I found is that if anything is happening in this world it is a game played by expression and emotions.

Well in the end here I want to tell you if you have any kind of creative things it could be anything first thing you need to do that is taking action and do some work in the beginning you might feel this is not working for you do not go for perfection just do it because nothing is perfect in this world

do some investment not huge but do because it will help you to push you toward enhance your creativity level, if you think you haven’t anything to invest no problems it’s your time, your time is your biggest investment

here I want to tell you a secret that I learned after spending huge amount of money so the secret is when you learn something it makes you realize that you are young you feel refreshed it makes you busy that help you keep away from other distraction of life it help you keep away from the thing like bad habits and I can say very confidently you will feel much better than before and people will notice coz it will make you an interesting person in your circle.

and finally, what you have to do is just show your creativity to the entire world don’t think about people don’t think about perfection

don’t think about where you come from don’t think of any kind of limitation it might be age or anything just focus on yourself and your work and just do it, do it right now.

We all are the art of the universe you need to think like an artist become an artist in your own way and rule in the heart of the entire world. asvp_hitesh

let me know in the comment section are you going to rule in the heart of the entire world?

thank you.

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