Has this happened to you “pessimistic situation”

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Last more than 15 days I was thinking about what the hell is happening to me and this has happened to me before as well, today I’m going

to share with you something very important and it’s going to become very specific content from my previous contents and I’m

sure you have been gone through this kind of situation in your life at least once but most of the time because of our busy

scheduled life we can’t able to understand it and we just ignore it and this is the reality you can’t skip it, after all, we all are human beings.

Its always been a very weird experience for me that after a particular period of time something happened to me and I feel like even

my body has no control over my mind I used to feel like someone has sucked my all energy and joyful feeling inside of me I just do

what my body wants even I know that what is important for me but still I used to do what my body and mind want which that feels

comfort to my body. During this period I got the chance to learn, some things happen inside our body and our body get out of

control of our mind it’s like gets come to the instability in our stable pattern of thinking and understanding, body used to work its

own way and mind do help and support the body and you feel some kind of unnecessary stress and tension.

Actually, between a specific time period some changes happen in micro-level inside our body, these changes often happen in a particular time,

you can say while we grow up your body needs some changes right nad its a requirement for our body. And during this period inside our body gets internally

disorganized and body used to work on their own way and during this period between mind and body has some kind of tussle

happened coz mind wants to work with his own way and body want to work with his own way and the result of this tussle you feel

frustrated and tired without any reason, actually these micro-changes happened on a certain time or period like similar in between

male and female both and to this incident OSHO has said happening periods in female and because of there has no any kind of any major or specific

differences between female and male if we see it internally not the outer side of the body so we can say period happened males too,

I know its look very unacceptable and weird but if we look at it from the psychologically terms then psychology has also mentioned

that in every person or inside of every man has a woman and women has a man it’s always assumed that to understand a woman

is very difficult but legends say that

understand the women which has inside of you and you can understand women as a person.

Need to understand micro level changes inside of our body

Well I was talking about internally micro-level changes so what has happened with a woman while she goes through his period of time

she feels stress tense she gets to become very aggressive she gets angry very soon for little things or incidents if you are a male or men

have you ever noticed this kind of feeling while in your life has no any kind of trouble or problems and you get suddenly feel

that some kind of stress or tension, it’s like some kind of madness, you feel your mind is not stable and you try to find a

a medium that can feel you good or feel you any kind of relief I would be not surprised, that could be a reason when a person

get become an alcoholic or drug-addicted coz during this time mind and body want to find a medium that you can easily get it and

that is the reason while your sexual energy gets high and then you get angry why because it’s an easy way to react for

something else and it gets difficult to having a calm and self-controlled mind coz this is the thing you need to develop inside you,

you need to program inside your mind and it takes time too. It’s easy to react aggressively for someone but it’s difficult to react

very calmly when someone else behaving you very aggressively. So I have been thinking about that a lot and finally, I can able to reach

this conclusion that during this time you need to little bite avoid for those work which after doing them neurons fires happen

inside in our mind or while new neurons connection build inside your mind and its usually happen while you start to learn

something or while you start to work on new projects actually you need to take a little break why? while you will do your project

might be you won’t be able to do that work productively might be you won’t be able to give your 100%  for your work and you won’t be able to enjoy that work and after that, you will get angry and frustrated right.

So now what is the solution

here you need to understand that according to this kind of situation our mind and body will try to find out the medium that would

be easy and which that feel you comfortable and lazy and after that certainly sexual energy would be high and overcome on you while your sexual desire

would be awake then as sex to aggressiveness then aggressiveness to illusion and then your mind your ability of thinking and

understanding would be crashed, So what you need to do that here you need to do for those work which you have already done

before which you love to do which that feels you joy that feels you an infinite pleasure and infinite relaxation,

Meditation is also useful in this kind of situation.

If I shall talk about me then, music playing guitar, art and craft, try to invent new things rearrangement of the inside of house

listening to music watching movies, paintings are medium that gives me and feels me joy and infinite pleasure and relaxation. And

truly this is a magical medium and that might be the reason art is called a divine attribute In India. You need to understand and care

about this, it would be the situation while your controlled desire will come out from inside you while your lust would be

overcome on your five senses and you and your desire for fulfillment of your five senses lust try to convince you to do that thing or do those things whether it would be necessary or unnecessary.

Nobody gets frustrated by his work rather they could not able to understand the micro-level of constructions or changes that usually happen inside our body on a certain time or period. asvp. hitesh

I hope you can able to understand what I want to say you if you find out this article useful or if you have your own opinion on this topic or if you want o share something related to this topic and if you want to more content like this, I would like to know your thought on comment bellow.

Thank you.

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