What happens while meditating?

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I have been practicing meditation since last more than 3 years but this one year I have tried to keep it continually and I have spent

a lot of time to an understanding about meditation and I did research too and for better understanding, I have been practicing it consistently

and during this long but short period of my meditation journey, I got the chance to learn a lot of things I see how meditation is concerned with every aspect of our life how it impacts our life not only from the scenario of personal life but rather social and professional life too.

So today I’m going to share with you my experience which I have experienced through practicing a long journey of meditation when practicing meditation it gets very

important to have a place, a place that connects you internally that makes you feel the comfort that makes you feel internal peace

yeah it’s very important you should have a very clean atmosphere and if you ask me where you can get

that kind of place and what is their cost so you have to go to Italy, India, Indonesia, Malesia, japan to getting a place and the coast would be around 10,000 $,

Hey where are you going

stay there, is it expensive right

well, I just want to see the reaction of your face I was joking by the way.

So try to understand you don’t need to go anywhere you just need to create it and you can easily do it first you have to clean your

the place, where you want to practice meditation, make that place fragrant you can use your favorite perfume and if your religion

allows you or if you don’t have a problem with pastille or joss stick you can use and then I don’t need to explain what you will get?

And another low coast or free place that you can easily afford with no cost of money is nature, of course, I remember whenever I

used to feel bad sometimes for something I used to visit nature and still I used to try to find out and reach out that kind of place where I can spend time alone with my solitude it could be

forest mountain waterfall river and then what I do that i share my thoughts my feelings to nature I know its sounds like crazy but it helps me a lot to

understand about myself and most of the time I get my answer through nature I recommend a visit to nature at least once whenever you get a chance you should definitely try it at least once and if it’s possible for you then try to spend your entire day from morning to evening ask questions to yourself try to find out your answer from nature talk with nature and certainly tell me your thought your experience, so there is nothing

like a crazy thing while you spend time with nature you have been spending time with the life you have been spending time with the

the universe you have been spending time to consuming to positive energies you have been spending time with the only thing that exists in this world….

Now we will try to understand what happens while meditation

I remember during my childhood when we used to practice meditation then our instructor our guru Bhai (hostel senior) instruct us

and he used to say follow my words and feel it and it’s a not new thing every yoga or meditation instructor guides you through the same method it

first, close your eyes take a deep breath feel it in your stomach and hold it for a moment and then release it do it again, and his

following words were, do follow my words imagine a burning flame of candle do focus on the flame every thought you have in

your mind he has been thrown out from your mind your brain is getting more positive energy flame of a candle burning

continuously and you are getting positive energy you are feeling better than before right now you are feeling more calmness you

are feeling more confident it’s you feel your body feel your every part of your body feel your eyes first then feel your nose feel

your breath feel your tongue feel your ears feel your hand your legs now you are feeling much better than before, you can

imagine whatever you want to Imagine but your focus should concentrate on those objects which you goanna imagine and you can use affirmation too.

I remember I can still imagine that same flame of a candle whenever I close my eyes and used to imagine a flame.

so here try to understand me if you feel your body and body parts with focus you will find in your body and

the body part you will feel some kind of micro level of activity and through your concentration, you can easily feel it if I talk about my experience then

what I feel, I usually try to concentrate on my head and my brain so during meditation I feel some kind of activity that would have

been happening in my brain and brain parts I can feel the movement and if I would have any pain or headache then I try to heal it through affirmation and through the power of imagination and visualization and believes me it’s an amazing experience and its works, it makes me feel like the only truth I’m seeing after closing my eyes and I just want to stay this state for a long time and i want to feel it again and again forever.

Before making any judgment try at least once the instruction I have mentioned in this article and please let me know your experience.

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