Do not try to control your thoughts do organize

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I’m sure you must have heard or read or watched about how to control thoughts via this method, this technique those techniques,

and a lot more like that and might be it helped you for a short term but what about after that?

Think about that and let me know your experience and thoughts on the comment section.

Now try to understand this, it’s very difficult to control our thoughts and although through practice you can achieve that level

while you can control your all thoughts but controlling our thoughts is something like controlling a deadly flood when you try to

control on your thoughts then your thoughts try to overcome on you more forcefully as you force to yourself for controlling your thoughts you can say here newton third law gets applied,

As you have assumed that often we have happened that whenever we try to concentrate on something might be reading

books or watching video content and I’m sure during attending lectures on your classroom you have definitely experienced this

especially while you were attending a boring lecture then you used to get enter another world called your imagination world how beautiful would have been this isn’t,

But at the same time, you know as well how important to concentrate on those lectures but you couldn’t because here you need to concentrate and that is why you need to control on your thoughts oh my god such a headache right.

So here what do we do?

so exactly I’m going to explain to you, as I have said in the beginning that you need a lot of practice and then you can probably reach that level where you can able to control your thoughts as monks do,

But here you don’t need to become a monk you just need to understand how our mind does work,

So what happens that, as you have read about our brain is works like same as a radio station and as you know that how it works

through radio signal, you can able to connect a device which has radio signal receiver and that’s why we can able to connect with

the various channel which that operating via radio station right, so to better understand you might have read about this all things

on the books, thinks and grow and power of your subconscious mind and one of my favorite one, the autobiography of a yogi in

these books it has beautifully explained that, how our thoughts are important and how we can send our message to a person to

another person via telepathy method and don’t be surprised I have done some successful experiment and its worked and a lot more like that,

So our mind is a receiver that has any time active mode even while you are sleeping your mind getting signals or thoughts constantly.

Then now what we need to do that,

So here we need to organize our thoughts instead of controlling over.

How to organize our thoughts 

First of you have to understand that meditation is a way that helps to organize our thoughts and for getting a result you need to

practice for meditation for at least 2 weeks constantly and then now, here I’m going to share with you my experiments which really help me to organize my thoughts.

1 Do classify which is important for you –

Here first of you need to understand that what is more important things to you which is more important than any things It could

be your health your work your goals and of course then family and other kinds of stuff so here you have to be very clear about

your priorities which you need to think more than any other things here what you need to do that take a notebook and pen make

a three-section of a column and in the first section write down which thoughts is important for you and which thought you need to remember.

And in the second section write which thoughts are less important for you and the third one do not write anything this is the section of irrelevant and unnecessaries thoughts

2 It’s a practice time –

Now you need to sit and take a deep breath and release it and do it at least 3-4 times and close your eyes and just be quiet do not

think about anything else do not force yourself to think for anything just sit and watch your thoughts you can see or feel a lot of

thoughts are coming inside your mind let them come now from here you job get started these are the thoughts which would be

concern to your past and might be your past was unacceptable for you and you don’t want to memorized or you don’t need to

memorize them at the same time some thoughts will come which you want to remember forever and some thoughts would come as a form of ideas which you would feel that you need to remember this,

Now as you have been made a note for which thoughts are important for you and which is less and the section you have left empty is for unnesseceries and irrelevant thoughts.

So here what you need to do that while you meditate when these kinds of thoughts get inside of your mind you need to be very

conscious and you have to place your thoughts according to a section which you have made for example if you come this kind of

thought it could be your daily goal which you want to achieve and you might get forget then put it in section one and if thoughts

come to you like it could be you shouted by your boss or someone else and this incident you don’t want to remember or might be you have done a mistake which feels you guilty for that then you can put it in section three.

3 How it works –

Now let’s get into the point of how to do that so as you close your eyes then a bunch of thoughts would come inside your mind

here you just need to be conscious about that which thoughts are important for you and which are a unnesseceries thoughts so

while you practice you have to do like this like you are watching your thoughts and you are instructing your mind that okay this thought is important put it in on section one okay this is irrelevant nonsense now get lost it,

And believe me, it really does work you will feel very calm and relaxed after that and you can able to realize that you have a bunch of important works which you unknowingly ignore them.

I recommend you at least do practice this method for one week and you can feel the differences and not only you can able to organize your thoughts rather you will see how your memory is getting improve.

If you think this article has helped you or if you have your own experiences or thoughts let me know in the comment below.

Thank you.

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