Mediation and affirmation

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does affirmation really work?

then how?

Alright, I’m going to explain these all as simple as I can, but before we gonna have to look at how it works so according to my understanding what I have learned about affirmation as a river need a path where it can flow their waters if I ask you how do you decide if you have to go somewhere and have to reach any specific place it might be your favorite café or your best friend house or your workplace exactly you don’t need to feel to decide and obviously if you need to reach your destination then you will go through across the road a route which can reach you your destination,

Now try to understand that’s exactly we need this for other perspectives of our life our subconscious mind is very innocent and it’s our conscious mind that guides our subconscious mind who shows a pathway to our subconscious mind and it’s our subconscious mind who responsible for whatever happening with us in our life and you know what there is a dense connection between our thoughts and our mind I have read a lot of books which is written by best selling authors and they all have mentioned about how thoughts convince to our mind and then mind convince to our body and then, whatever happens, it’s a result of in our life what we face and what we get,

We cant have control over our mind easily but we can give a direction to our thoughts through affirmations and that’s exactly what we need our thought is very powerful you need to give them a direction think about it why bestseller author Napoleon said that a man is poor because he thinks he is poor,

I would like to tell you a story how a Indian patience overcome on his deadly disease so jethalal had a disease for a long time and he was suffering since around 2-3 years and he took a treatment from best of the best hostpitle in the country but he was not getting any kind of improvement over his health issue he had a last hope from western treatment and somehow he has a very strong belief on western treatment for medical and obivesily uselly we read or watch on tv that how western people getting new technology over all most all sector wether it be science technology medical and recently we have seen that how doctors has successfully transplant heart of pig on a human so these all was the reason that why he want a treatment from USA but his because of his health issue it could be not get to allow to go USA so what happened that doctors got a solution and they inform to jethalal that they have brought the same machine which is used by doctors in USA and jethalal was very happy now he was very sure that this time he will be definetly get overcome on his disease once he got well then he went to doctors and express his gratitude and said thank for brought a medicine form USA only for me then doctors reveal the entire story that we haven’t brought any medicine or machine form USA it was the same medicine we want to give while your treatment and jethalal was very socked and happy too.

So here try to understand this is although its not an exact story by a person but you can get a lot of stories like this in across the internet even steve job has also overcome his cancer through the power of belief another thing when you get suffer by any disease but you can heal your body through your positive attitude through affirmation trough your power of belief yes it’s me asvp hitesh saying that coz I have also applied this technique and I overcome on a deadly fever and there was nobody with me while I was suffering in fact I’m thinking about writing an article how I overcome on deadly fever,

So before you believe in your thoughts, your mind, you have to believe your mind that it all is true and it’s possible through affirmation.

Affirmations are really powerful and it put a huge impact on our life if might you have read the one of the best selling book the secret then in this book author Ronda Byran has also try to explain how powerful is our thoughts

“every thought of yours is the real thing – a force”

I recommend you must read these two books the secret and you can heal your life.

If I talk about affirmation, you can easily get a lot of free affirmation videos on youtube or create your own affirmation list through audio recording.

And after that make a routine instead of checking your phone or email after woke up in the early morning do try to listen affirmation audio and then start your day, believe me, it might be the same boring day but you will feel difference in between this day and other days,

Or you can chant your favorite affirmation and you can create by yourself,

For example, it can be,

Today is going to happen my best day 

I’m really excited about today 

I’m going to be energetic all day today

Today I’m going to focus more and concentrate more active on my work

Today I’m going to achieve the goals which I have decided to achieve today my goal is……….

Whatever happened yesterday but today is certainly going to happen my best day.

I forgive people who have hearted me and I apologize to those who have to feel hearted by me in fact unknowingly or by mistake

I love myself I love my body I love everything I have and I’m thankful for everything.

I love my family I love my parents I love my brothers and sisters I love my friends I love everyone who has cared for me and has always given me their love and best wishes I’m thankful to all of you I feel gratitude thank you.

So like this, you can create your own list, and whenever you get a chance to memorize your affirmation list whether you are in your workplace your office your college school anywhere do try to recall your affirmation list.

Do not forget this during affirmation-

  1. Visualization
  2. Realization 

During affirmation, it gets very important to visualization and realization now you ask me how? then while you do affirmation you have to visualize the scenes that things which you want to see you can create your own visual scene like if you want a car then visualize that you have already got that car and feel and realize that moment like same if you would have a car, in reality, come on man there is not going to any expense if you think like this so imagine it visualize it feel it and get it in the reality.

Despite this, one of the important things is you have to take the required action because action = result.

Now we land in the final conclusion you have to first understand that nothing has happened the overnight great things take a time to happen and you need to have patience you might have realized that whenever you try to do something new firstly this kind of thoughts might come into your mind like

I can’t do this

This is not my thing

It’s impossible

It’s enough now and I’m going to leave it.

but have you ever noticed that whenever you try to do the things which you want to do and you just start with small steps and sometimes you just take easy required actions and you make it continuously through your consistency you see that work is already have happened half of done so try to understand everything happens through a process it might take a time to believe on affirmation and their result but for you at least you should try it you are not gonna lose anything if you start your day recall and chanting with few line of words and sentences.

despite these entire things you have to choose the right words….

Thank you

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