How to Stay Energetic All Day Through Yoga

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Have you ever started your scooter by kicking option while it was not started through the self-start button or have you ever faced

that kind of situation while your car was not starting and you had have to start through pushing by someone else if you not then

congratulation but here I’m not talking about mechanical things try to understand why we have to face this kind of situation

why sometimes our scooter, bike, or car does not start through self-start button most of the cases it happen coz engine get very cold

and we need to warm up and then it starts to work right and another reason because of not using from a long time, the part of

engine and machine get jammed or choked right for long term using we have to care about a lot of things and probably you try to every possible effort for keep maintaining your car or bike,

Then why you get to become more careless for your body why you don’t look out your body like your car or bike. now you will say

I’m very careful about my body not you are, although from your perspective you think that you are careful about your body and

you try to fulfill every possible need for your body requirement but you know what one of the most important requirements for our

body yes that is physical fitness now you might say I knew that it’s not any new thing, of course, you might know that but what kind of things you do for keep maintaining your body,

Exercise, gym and of course yoga too

And that’s a very nice thing but I think it’s very important to need to having acknowledged what is the most important thing or

the reason that’s why you need to workout I remember one of my relatives used to go gym he is a 65-year-old man and doctor

advice to him for cardio workout and that’s why he went for because he knew that how much he needs to do the workout that’s

why even he hasn’t tried to do another workout except cardio try to understand you have to be clear about that why and how much you need to do the workout.

For example, if your aim for a workout is losing weight or your aim is gaining muscle coz you want a muscular body then you have

to keep this thing in your mind and have to be clear that for weight loss I’m going to lose my weight, I’m reaching to near my

the goal, yes work out is really working for after few months I would reach my goal, if I have decided for 2 hours of workout then anyhow I’m going to do that.

Same if your aim is gaining muscle then you have to keep focus and be clear about your goal and keep this thing your mind that

you are going to gain muscles and its not a big deal for you coz you knew how much workout need to do for that yes work out

is really working for after few months I would reach my goal, if I have decided for 2 hours of workout then anyhow I’m going to do that.

Coz whatever if your goal might be gaining muscles or weight or losing weight you have to keep this thing in your mind that great

things take time and you need to be patient at least 3 months you need to keep continue your consistency for your workout and I’m sure after 1 or 2 months you will be able to see the result.

Mistakes from you have to stay away

As I have said to you, you have to be clear about that why and how much you need to do the workout. Although it’s true the more inputs you will put in the form of the result the more output you will get.

But try to understand you are not a machine you are human right you need to care about your body you need to understand

the capability of your body has increased slowly while you put effort through your work and it’s not only about gym or yoga workout it has applied to all fields of work.

1. I have seen a lot of people put their extra effort during the workout session they know that now they have been tired and they

need to rest but they want to make continue their workout session why coz they want to get the result immediately now think about that

if your goal is for losing weight it is possible you will lose your weight in only one day of workout do think about that practically that

is not possible as I have said great thing takes time one definitely you will be able to reach your goal but you have to go through the process and that is the reality in every aspect of life.

The second one of the big mistakes people do especially beginners while they go for a workout in a training session they see the

the atmosphere of the training center there are people who are more fits and more muscular body as compared to a beginner and they

get demotivated and used to lose their interest in workout coz they started to compare themselves to others please let me know if you have felt this kind of thing,

2. Again I would like to tell you it’s a very bad thing when you compare yourself to others from any perspective everyone is unique

and special and that’s why God has made you different from others be thankful for yourself to say thank you for everything you have.

So first of stop comparing yourself to others and remember you don’t need to feel bad if you have overweight or of lower weight

common you are going for achieving your goal not to compare to others and the people from whom you comparing yourself they

were the people like you and whatever they are right now it’s a result of their hard work which they have made consistent from how many years and years

And you are in just your beginning stage you are getting demotivated seriously you know what the first step which you need is just starting to do no matter how if you have some basic ideas just jump and start to do.

3. And another huge mistake is people doesn’t able to understand that how much exercise their body is capable to do that because

of someone has a very attractive and muscular body and he used to do more exercise as compared to other people especially

beginner think that they have to do the same if he wants fitness like that person and they start to hurt their body try to understand

you do not do the workout because you want to hurt your body right so why do you do that because someone has good fitness

which is better than you, stop here first you have to decide your priority for work out why people aren’t able to understand if a boxer

or athlete needs a fitness then its depend on according to their requirement here I not to mean that you shouldn’t have the

fitness like any celebrity or athlete, I mean to say that understand your requirement as a working professional if you have very decent and balanced fitness then it’s enough for you just need to keep it maintained

At beginning of this article, I have talked about the flexibility of our body and that is the requirement of our body that is the

purpose or main agenda for workout and you can easily fulfill this requirement of the body not only through workout or gym but rather

you can do some physical workout at your home you can do rearrangement of your house by yourself you can play some physical

the outdoor game even if you like to dance then you can do it and doesn’t matter if you now any kind of dance or not just listen to music and jump,

You can do yoga as a physical workout and if you don’t know how to do you can easily find it on youtube if you ask the best

exercise in yoga I would suggest you start to do Surya Namskar and if you are the kind of person who is a working professional who

have to work his entire day on their desk and chair and sometimes one sitting then certainly this exercise will give you satisfied

result as a working professional I used to feel my back pain and in my solder too, I remember when I started to work as a one single

sitting I used to feel huge and intolerable pain in my back and once I started to do Surya Namskar  here I would not say that

my back pain has gone completely but now I feel much better than before and I do work longer than before.

Here you don’t have any reason for not believing me common I’m not selling anything here I’m just sharing the truth do this exercise for at least one week and you will feel the result certainly.

Thank you………………..

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