Great personalities who knew the power of meditation

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I believe since the beginning every great personality and every successful person’s life has been concerned with meditation. Every great

personality knew that thing which is produced by our body which exists in every and each human being it’s more powerful than

our imagination it is directly connected with the energy source of the universe and whoever has reached that kind of source inside of his body they have known by the great personality of human being ever.

According to Indian ancient Yoga technique, it’s known as SUKSHM SHARIR (Micro Body) which has always existed in our body if we

see it through scientifically than it’s known by as our subconscious mind and you might have heard about that according to Patanjali

yoga there is has seven chakras called, Kundalini chakras have present inside of our micro-body and once these all are activated you get to become more confident more focused on life and you get to achieve the highest in your life.

Would you like to listen to something interesting then yes even you can able to control your life as you want and every impossible

thing gets become possible for you after that. It’s something like if you have watched Lucy movie if you haven’t I recommend you

should definitely watch it well im writing this article right now and I’m going to watch again those movie. So Let’s back to the point

so the movie has come in the 20TH   century but you might surprise the entire thing has been already written in ancient Indian epics in million years ago and if you want to know more about that kind of things then,

You should definitely read this amazing book the Autobiography of a Yogi. According to experts, this is the only Autobiographical

book which is written by any monk or yogi by themselves this book is available not only in Hindi or English language rather it has

translated by various languages in the various countries I think it would be enough,  according to media reports and the internet

the world-famous person and the cofounder of APPLE company Steve job had always used to keep this book on his apple I phone

as a pdf format and might be he mentioned it several times in his speeches. According to his biography once a time when he

became hopeless he goes college but he used to participate in the curriculum like meditation and soon he has left his college and

made a plan for a world tour and the time has come when his traveling journey has been started he made a plan for India tour he spent a lot of time in India and he went to various spirituals places and according to his biography during this journey, he want to meet a miracles person Baba Neem Karoli, an Indian monk and he tried to meet to him but unfortunately, it could be not happened coz till then Monk had been passed away but he went his place Asharam which is comes under to government of Uttarpradesh state of India. And according to media reports, one of the disciples of Monk has admitted that it’s true Steve job has come to those place and had spent a few days there. And he also followed some rituals according to the ashram and he also did a kind meditation with the chanting of mantras.

And after that when he returned back America to his place then he has started his innovation called the Apple computer and after that, I don’t need to tell you what has happened his entire life has been changed.

Well In my further update I’m going to explain deeply, insight of legend stories and I’m going to bring more similar stories for you.

Honestly, if you asked me about that book (The Autobiography of the Yogi) then I got this book from my guru (My Teacher) as a gift, and really after that whatever I felt I couldn’t explain it.

When I started to read, It was something like someone has directly talked to me. Well, I’m not going to the deep insight of this

topic if you want to know more about this then you can search it on internet. And might be in my future update I will be going to

explain this book that how this book is helpful for us till then keep updated with me and let me know if you want to know more about this book.

So if I talk about kundalini awaken then I just want to say do not spend your time as much more for learning how to activate

chakras like that when your body will be prepared for capable assume that’s kind of energy it will be activated itself till then what you have to do?

Do yoga consistently do Meditation consistently focus on your life do focus on your health focus on your family focus on your

further planning might be related to your career your job your business your startup your relationship I just want to say whatever

you do, do honestly, and become a good and nice person become a kind humble person you will find that, the chakras have already awakened inside you.

Thank You.

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