How Meditation has transformed people life​

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There is no secret behind if I say that every successful person’s life has been concerned with meditation. And you can able to see it

easily around you unconsciously people get involved in meditation through Music, Art, their Hobbies their creativity, sports, and many more thing could be involved.

Now you will ask me how?

That’s the thing, as I have said before as well meditation is not only like most of the people think you have to follow any specific

ritual or you have to go jungle or something like that here I’m not against any rituals or I’m not saying those are wrong as I have I

said before Meditation and yoga is a discovery of humankind that is discovered for the welfare of human beings and every religion has their own Meditation technique whatever it might be different from each other but the purpose is the same.

 Let me explain how our life is concerned with Meditation

Let take an example from sports if you watch sports games like tennis, football, cricket, badminton, chess it could be anything

related to sports then usually this happen that every game used to around a specific time period and then game over and any specific team which has more lead or score those get become winner isn’t.

Now try to understand if you have played any sports in your childhood or you still play sports games then think about it those 15

minutes or 1 hour what you had feel, have you ever noticed that thing that moment your state of thought processing was zero

even might be if you had scolded by someone might be you have had a fight with someone else might be the thoughts which had

always disturbed you. But when you were involved that moment in sports game then you forget everything coz that moment

you were in your present moment if your focus was anywhere then it was only on the game and that moment there was only your goal

that is putting your all effort for win the game. And its all happened unconsciously now what would be happen if the same thing

happen to you consciously in your career job business where you need to more focus more need to put efforts and need to become more energetic.

As I have mentioned in my previous post every religion has been a very important role in meditation every person in this world

does meditation whether consciously or unconsciously and since the billion years ago it has been a secret of every famous

personality who they has done extraordinary work on this planet whether if I shall talk about the magician of mathematics Mr. Ramanujam

or the great scientist Mr. Albert Einstein who had one of the genius minds ever the humankind if I shall talk about the magician of

electricity Mr. tesla the great leader of India Mahatma Gandhi who has taught to the entire world the truth and nonviolence and there

are a lot of people who have been a very important role in meditation especially if I shall talk about India in India every famous personality

who has left their unforgettable contribution and gained the respect like any great soul of humankind a most lovable kind of personality meditation has played such important role in their life,

okay it might be a boring topic if I tell you the story of any politician or any freedom fighter let Im going to tell you the story of the person and

might be you already know their story through books and movies, yes I’m going to tell you the story of Mr. Steve job he is the person

who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life who had to throw out from their own company imagine if someone would have the place

of Steve job, they might be giving up but he knew the secret he knew that how to restart he knew that how to bounce back and that’s

is the reason whenever people talk about apple within the image of the apple logo first they have come to the image of Mr. Steve

job and this is life if you get to fall down you have to rise up and you have to restart you have to bounce back but this is not quite

easy that everyone obsessed but this is not difficult that nobody has able to do if anything required that so that is practice and

have patience and it will become through a calm composed mind and meditation is a way that prepares you for having a mind like that.

When Steve Jobs was struggling in his life he decided to visit India for an India tour and he has chosen India coz since their college days he used to participate in the curriculum like mediation.

According to his biography when he visited India he visited an ashram and he spent a few days there this is the place called katchidahm located in

Uttarpradesh district India although I have never visited yet but certainly I’m going to go this place soon and of course, you should

definitely visit this place at lest once, so once Mr. job finished their India trip and went back USA then everyone knows what has happened and

after years later while Facebook was going through his one of the toughest times Mr. job has to suggested to Mr. Zuckerberg that he should

visit those spiritual places and Mr. Zuckerberg did same he visited those place and he spent his time those places and he has officially

confess that he visited that place and the manager of those place has also said that Mr. Zuckerberg visited those place katchidham and

he went go to spend only one day there but because of bad weather he had have to stay there tow day according to report Mr.

Zuckerberg had followed all processes which is used to suggest to people who visit those places he has done meditation through

mantras and I would like to tell you through mantras I get easily reach the deepest feeling of meditation its helps me easily

connect with the deepest point of the inside of my mind as my guru has suggested to me some mantras I used to follow up them and believe me then meditation gets very easy for me,

So now let’s get back to the point and it’s not about Mr. Zuckerberg there are a lot of visitors who had gone those places after visiting they have said something happened with them and something like more powerful more positive.

Well soon I’m going to tell you some interesting and miracles story about those places about Baba Neemkaroli yes this is the great soul and because of him, those places is get known by people.

Till then stay updated and let me know your thought about this post.

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