Meditation and Music

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“Music is the last magic which has still remained in this world”

 This line is one of the dialogs of the movie 99songs and you know who is behind this movie the famous and the two-time Oscar

winner and a lot of national and international award winner musician music directors and composers and singer as well Mr.AR. Rehman sir, 

personally, I haven’t watched this movie yet but I will definitely watch this movie if I talk about the dialog then certainly this dialog

is more than a dialog for me because without music I couldn’t imagine how would have been my life I believe not only in this world rather the entire universe has a huge concern with music without music life would be a mistake.

I could understand the intense and connection of Mr. AR Rehmaan behind the dialog and story of this movie because of once he

said that he had almost become hopeless in their life and he wanted to commit suicide but one thing that has kept him alive that was music.

And I personally feel that through their music I feel some kind of hope some kind of peace and it’s not only about me there are a lot of people who do feel same because in their music has more than entertainment it has some kind of delectation.

Now you are thinking that why I’m talking here only about music and AR where is meditation right?

Now listen to me basically we don’t need to do or follow up any specific rituals for meditation yes as I have said meditation is a

way of life in India meditation means Dhyaan, Dhyaan means when you do something very carefully very consciously and involve

yourself on those work and you get become enslave of those work for a moment until work not gets done. I’m sure you would be

used to listening to music right and used to do parties with your friends might be in your home or your friend’s home now tell me

how do you feel while enjoying that moment in those moments might you would have danced within the loud music.

For a moment have you ever thought about what happening around you have ever think about if you are going through problems in life or if you got to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend if would have an argument with your wife, husband, or someone else which that hurt you if you got shouted by your parents, teacher or boss if you got bullied by someone else if you got the financial loss.

Of course not because of that moment you get become enslaved by the music I believe even though if you get ignored or avoided by world or people, music never let you alone that’s why music is a magic.

And you know meditation has the same magic as music, meditation is a piece of unstoppable music that has no ending point through practice it will be always playing in your mind.

You might have heard about monks how in every situation they stay very calm and composed and a calm and composed man always achieves higher in their life.

Now you would say how? I will tell you a story so let’s get started,

Once upon a time in a village had fear of the famous dacoit called unglimal (finger cutter man) he used to stay inside of the cave in

the center of the jungle which was near of the village and nobody goes there because if anyone goes there by chance then ungli

mal (finger cutter man) caught them and cuts their fingers and after that, he used to make a necklace of fingers and used it as a

jewelry. And that’s why after sunset nobody comes out from their home. Now because of villagers were depend on the jungle for the things of their daily need that why unwantedly they had to go there then by mistakenly peoples used to reach the center of the jungle and after that, they don’t able to save himself from unglimal.

The entire village had afraid and distraught by unglimal they always used to pray god and say dear god please save us from terrible unglimal.

One day when they were doing prayer one stranger has come in the village he talked to villagers and say he is coming from a long

journey he asked them i want to stay here for a few days. He was looking like a monk and only from their appearance peoples

were feeling some kind of peace some kind of joy on his face was some kind of shine and his smile was like endless and infinite pleasure

which can be never ended. Villagers were very happy they treated him like a guest the entire villagers were happy now it was the time of

sunset everybody very quickly entering their home. When a villager who was hosting to monk requested come inside home monk

asked why you people look like very scare villager say no there is nothing like that actually all villagers had decided they will not

tell to monk about unglimal when the right time will come they will tell him. But the monk has been already understood, when monk visited the villager’s host house the villager say please don’t go anywhere without informing me the monk smiled.

Early morning villager saw monk is missing he looked around him but he has not found him later all villagers came to meet to the monk

they found that monk is missing all were worried about the monk they were guessing what would be happen if he would have gone into the jungle and then

one villager came and said in the early morning he had seen to the monk, he was going toward jungle i was in very long distance from him that why I couldn’t stop him.

Now all villagers were very worried about monk they were discussing we should not had to hide about unglimal to the monk. They pray to god and say dear god please save to the monk from unglimal and send him back to us.

This way monk has been entered in center of the jungle here unglimal was ready to another hunting he saw monk but later he was surprised monk was going toward his cave when he reached near cave unglimal came and say oh so rat trapped in the trap by itself,

And then monk just smiled unglimal was shocked he said to monk really you didn’t know who I am or you are a morone and

started laughing monk was still smiling in their entire life unglimal had never seen anything like that a person not afraid from him

he saw a miracle shining on the face of the monk he was very calm and confident now unglimal was getting very angry do you not have afraid of me I will kill you are you not feel afraid of death.

Monk said I think it all has control on god, it depends on god what he wants because of having the power of life and death has

hands of god now tell me are you really a bad guy, from whom people get afraid because of death, ask yourself why you are ungli mal? why you couldn’t become someone else? Ask yourself are you really want to do whatever you do?

Ungli mal had no answer

he had never felt anything like that before in their entire life

it was unacceptable for unglimal that he always thought people were afraid of him but today he realized he was wrong, people had afraid of death.

after a few minutes, he went back toward the village when the villagers saw monk is coming from the jungle they all were surprised and happy because they have been assumed that now monk will be never come back alive from inside of the jungle.

They all were staring from a long distance and then they have seen something which was unbelievable behind monk unglimal coming too.

Unglimal apologize to villagers and said forgive me, I want to become a member of this village, villagers welcomed unglimal

Later when the villagers asked the monk how this miracle has happened the monk smiled again and say I think God heard your prayer.

Now, Did you know who was that monk yes he was Mahatma Buddha.

I know you might have heard this story but this is the power of a meditative person in his teaching mahatma Buddha has taught

the importance of breathing and meditation now try to understand this I’m not saying while someone is going to kill you and you

will say that it all depends upon god what he wants I know if you believe or not but it’s true sometimes things would have had not

our control and God helps those who help themselves. But in some of the uncontrollable situations through your calmness and cute smile, you can control the situation and you can become an idol and inspiration for someone else.

Remember this thing the great scientist and former president of India Dr.Abdul Kalam has said that

“It’s easy to defeat someone but it’s very hard to win someone”

I think this article has already become a long one in the further post I will tell you more interesting things related to meditation and music and how musicale instrument helps you in meditation and of course, I will tell you how a monk became the 11th president of world largest democracy how through their journey meditation has played such important role in his life.

Till then bye and stay connected thank you.

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