What is Meditation?

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There are lot of techniques you will get suggested by experts and specialists they might be different from the experts you have

learned from your previous instructor but have you ever noticed the result you got from your recent or previous instructor I’m sure you will have never felt any kind of differences, although it might be a little bit different but it almost would have same.

Now what I want to say try to understand it’s doesn’t matter where you do practice meditation from whom you learning, from which place you belong if anything really matters then that is the result.

It depends upon how you feel after meditation. Remember if I say about result then that’s mean not about instant feeling while

you feel after a few minutes of meditation do always keep this thing in your mind if you plant a seed then certainly it will take time

for growing and then it will become a large tree and when a tree gets becomes huge one and that is still growing that’s mean not now that has been prepared for producing fruit. You know it takes time you can’t expect instant results from everything.

do Remember this thing not only from the scenario of meditation rather it’s a universal truth that whatever you want to achieve you will get those things when a certain time comes and obviously great thing always takes time.

Great things always examine you it takes exams for your patience it takes exams for your consistency it takes exams while you get out of the control of yourself while you would have been losing yourself.

Try to understand this thing give time to yourself for whatever you want to do it could be anything and always remember this thing if you want to achieve something big in your life it will take some time and you need to have patience because Great things are always take time.

Myth about meditation

What happens while you close your eyes and do focus on something it might be anything as your instructor guides you, he will say

do focus on your breathing, do focus on any dot, do focus on any color any light like green yellow red something like that and in the beginning, you can able to do that by sequential attempts, like in first attempt 5 minutes and then 10 minute and then 15, 20 and 30 isn’t.

So is that meditation?

Well I’m not saying it was not, in the beginning of course you need to go through these exercises and you will certainly feel better

after these exercises. But meditation is not only till the end of these exercises if I shall talk about the actual meaning of meditation and the definition of meditation which I have learned through my experience then meditation is a state of mind it’s a way of life.

You know wherever you learn meditation the instructor would say first focus on your breath exactly our breath our life is concerned

with our breath without breathing we can’t Imagine life, if I ask you about magic then you might tell me any magic show or magic

you would have seen in your life by your naked eyes. now if you ask the same to me then I would say it’s our breath, yes have you ever noticed how big a miracle is, having of our inhaling and exhaling of breath.

Let’s do some practical and see the magic after that, now close your eyes and take a long deep breath as much you can and fill it in

your stomach then hold it for a few minutes hold it how long you can to do this at least more than one minute and then release it

slowly you can repeat it and then open your eyes and look around you try to watch everything which has around you try to feel

everything which has around you touch your body feel it now tell me how you feeling right now did you see and feel the magic

of course, you do. Don’t be surprised if I say in your life more than 90% of your problems and their solution concerns with your breathing.

In various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and others have given teaching for Importance and focus on breathing. Because they knew about this miracle.

You will say how breathing or meditation is concerned with your life, please don’t be unknown one, now tell me have you ever

noticed your breathing speed while you get angry, have you ever noticed your breathing speed while get forgot something,

have you noticed it while you would have been facing the unwanted situation. Now imagine what would have happened if your breath would have to under your control.

How meditation impacts your body.

There is a dense connection between mind and body and you already know it too. Obviously, for maintaining a healthy brain it gets very important to have a healthy body so what is a healthy body having a fat-free body having a muscular body is that. Now,

of course, these are the sign of having a healthy body or having a fit body but despite them, it gets more important having a well-

functioning part of inside your body organs and that’s why physical workout is necessary you can do gym or yoga but if you ask

me which one is better then I would definitely suggest you do yoga exercise oh please I’m not saying it because of if any commercial purposes

rather it’s my personal experience that yoga not only helps you to get a healthy body rather from the scenario of your body it

helps you get fit externally and internally too. Yoga is an ancient technique that helps to live a healthy and long life. It’s designed like this while you do yoga then it puts an impact on every part of your body part whether externally or internally both sides.

If I say from the medical science and homeopathy scenario then our stomach has a route cusses of our all body troubles and

the disease so it gets very important to consume healthy foods and Pranayam like Kapal Bharti is one of the best exercises you can do it in the early morning it will help you to improve to your digestive system.

How meditation Impact on our brain’s functional part.

You might have heard about that there are a lot of experiments has done by scientists on monks and people who does concern

with meditation and they have got very shocking results from them they found that people who used to do practice meditation on

the daily basis or for long ago some of their brain functioning parts are very active as compared to people who they don’t concern

with meditation, a lot of research has proven that those people who they practice for meditation for long ago their some of the

brain functioning part and area have possible to active due to meditation and if we see it from the scenario of people who doesn’t concern with meditation then most of the cases entire their life the same brain functioning part and area has been remained inactive.

A shocking fact was when scientists have researched on successful people in their personal life and professional life then they have found the same brain functioning part and area had very active as compared to a meditative person.

Here I’m attaching a short article on the basis of research by international neuroscientists on meditation and its impact on brain functioning part. I have captured it from a Hindi local newspaper from India two years ago.

Source local newspaper from India.

According to this article the great scientist Mr. Einstein’s brain part of the prefrontal cortex had filled with the dense quantity of

grey matters. It is a center of happiness and it’s also called the CEO of the brain. Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara leaser has found that the people who concern with meditation and used to do meditation on daily basis, in their brain the same part has very dense, which means the ability of decision making and power of determination has more.

Here I’m not going through the entire article I have put only a few lines of this article let’s see if I felt I should explain the entire article then definitely I will take it and post it in my further post.

How meditation helps you for living a self-discipline life.

Our whole life is concerned with our mind and mind concern with the body, our body concern with family, family concern with society, society concern with the place, place concern with city-states then countries then worlds.

If we have a healthy body we need a healthy mind if our mind is healthy our family would be a happy family, and we can expect an

idol family if our family is happy and idol, we can expect from our society to get inspiration from us if our society is good we can

expect an idol society and if our society is idol then definitely we will work to build a great community and a great community

definitely work for building a great state then great nation then definitely will work for great and idol world and a great nation always inspire to others to the entire world.

Really meditation is more than meditation it teaches you for living a well-organized life when your life is well arranged and organized then certainly you will live a disciplined life and disciplined life is a key to success and happiness.

Thank you.

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