Meditation and our modern lifestyle

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A long time ago I did research on two different families once who was rich and for others could not be said that rich or poor but

they were living a happy and they don’t had any complaints about their life another way it was just the opposite for a rich family how I’m going to explain it.

We all think that once we will get become rich then after that our all problems will be sorted out and once we would have money we would have everything that we wanted to isn’t

But tell me it’s really true that every person who they are rich in this world are happy you know one of the common things is in all

human being once you got what you wanted to then after that you feel that you need more isn’t we think now why we need to

earn money if you will ask the same question to world richest person he needs more coz his plans are not for 5 or 10 years rather lifetime until they feel now the time is for rest and there is rest means could be every successful person that is death.

Every successful people know that there is something which is more important than money there is something which that above

the money and fame and if anything should have to achieve or if we have to reach somewhere then that is those things and until we are alive our goal should be reaching toward those things.

Let’s understand it something like this our entire life we want to achieve or we want to get something which might be part of the

requirement of our daily life might be we have some money around 1000 $ then our another dream or ambition might be making

50000$ or 1 million $ or if we are working somewhere as an employee then our expectation might be reaching to the highest rank

on the field isn’t and our thinking pattern has something like that we make it a goal for a lifetime and most of the time we get it

too but what happened while getting what you wanted obviously then you tried to achieve another one and might be anything

whether the position you desire to should have if you have a car then might be your desire would be I should have a better version

of this car if you have a home then might be your desire would be getting any expensive home and it’s a cycle which have no ending point and as a lot of greatest personality used to say that there is no ending point of desire.

So now let’s get come to the point is our entire life we will have stuck that kind of things we think that something we gonna

missing something and that is why we get to become the part of the rat race and our entire life we do what our body asks for their requirement which has the only requirement of outer things.

So now the point is what is the requirement which that we actually need so that fulfillment of our inner requirement and the best

way of fulfillment of inner requirement is pickup any hobby do some creative work and if you don’t have time to do that kind of

work then obviously there could be no better way despite meditation to fulfillment of the inner requirement of our body

actually, meditation and yoga has been discovered and invented for the fulfillment of our body requirements in the scenario of both inner and outer where yoga fulfilled our outer requirement and meditation fulfilled our inner requirement,

Remember I had told you a story about two-family so now that is the reason the rich family has everything which that fulfillment of

their outer requirement they might have everything but internally they were missing something every and each member of those

the family had complained about their life for each others wife says my husband not spent with me time children say mom and dad don’t

take us for any vacation or they both don’t use to spend time with us father says I used to get busy and I’m doing hard work that

why my family won’t be faced any kind of trouble and they all are right on their own places but because of having that kind

complain you can’t blame someone you feel loneliness and empty coz you haven’t worked for your inner part if I talk about those

poor family, they had their own busy life for each one but they had time for spending together they had a way which that create an

the atmosphere and they spent time with each other now the question does they used to do meditation so the answer is they used to

pray every day they feel thankful and express their gratitude for what they had as I had said that in my previous posts meditation is

not while you sit and closed your eyes it can help you for the short term but if you want to feel the actual feeling of mediation you

have to work on your inner part you have to connect with your inner part you have to feel yourself you have to love yourself you have to talk yourself you have to ask yourself and through meditation, you can do all this.

So here I’m not saying becoming rich and making a lot of money is not good or something like that here i mean to say our

modern lifestyle separating us not only from our kids our wife our family rather it’s separating us from ourselves remember my

words once you have time for you own self once you have time for you for self-talk then certainly you will get understand the value of your family the importance of spending quality time with your family…………….

Now tell me what your thought about this post………………….

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