Meditation for teenagers

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when a potter is able to give a perfect shape to his artistic creation obviously when the clay has moisture and flexible for shaping

and that why he can able to make beautiful creation of art and like this teenage a period when you can shape and design a

beautiful life a beautiful career between 15 to 20 it is an age while we would have a lot of question and confusion about life this is

the period while as a teenager we would have lot of energy and capability of learning things and as compare to while we get

grown old. in teenage our learning capability has more than other stages of life but during this period there are lot of things which

are running in our mind and because of lake of guidance and caretaking lot of teenager get misguided and they started to do that

things which they shouldn’t do they started to consuming alcohol, drugs, and used to get involved in illegal and unethical activity

and most of the cases they get misguided and they started to believe that thing which is harmful and worried subject not only for

humanity rather whole world. This is the age when as an teenager our mind would has like a blank sheet where whatever you write

that will be become our future that’s why as an elder it get become our responsibility to being more careful about teenager I know

we are living this highly developed society a world where everything happening and growing fast everything changing fast and

that’s why everybody has their own care about self and who does care about this teenagers why we need to show them right direction right guidance a right path what does it matter isn’t

Yes it does matter,

Youth are the future of the world when you give contribution to prepare them and encourage them becoming a good person within

a time when you will be grow old they will take care about you they will think about you within changes they will provide you

hospitality its the reality of life when you give something without expectation of getting back you get more than what you give I want

to request to entire education system before encourage them becoming to a doctor engineer, government officer or entrepreneur

do focus on preparing and encourage to him for becoming a nice person teach them lesson of ethics teach them what could be

purpose of humanity teaches them how a discipline life can help them achieve the highest in their life. Teach them respect to others and behaving manner to their elder.

How meditation helpful for teenagers

As a teenager when you growing actually you are getting shaped through your learning journey and learning means not getting a

degree or certificate from your school or college remember the actual world get begin while you face real world while you get to deal

with people while you deal with problems while you deal with your empty stomach while you deal with your empty wallet while

you deal with your family wife husband or your kids and the interesting thing your school or college will not teach you about that how to face and deal with your problems of life how to become a nice and good person.

Once you become a calm and composed person and start to more focus about life about what you doing in your life about what

you want from life then an intuition power has develop and you get self direction by your inner self and you get reach where you want to reach.

So meditation helps you becoming a calm composed man whose focused and cleared about his life.

How to start

Well first you have to go mountain and have to find a cave and inside the cave you have to sit and have to do meditation or you have to go inside of the jungle and have to do meditation and then you will able to reach the actual state of mediation.

What happened?

Are you afraid or do you thinking about im okay with as im and I don’t need to do meditation.

Oh dear sorry for that I was just kidding.

Now listen to me you don’t need to go anywhere you just need a place where nobody can disturb you.

First you have to start it slowly coz it will be take time to clean garbage which is inside of your mind means your uncontrollable and unnecessary thought which might be reason for your overthinking.

You need to sit comfortably and have to determine about that whatever would be happen at least I will sit 5 to 10 minute and I will make it my daily routine.

Exercises for teenagers

  • Watch your Breathing – start with this exercise watch your breath during inhaling and exhaling feel it while you inhaling fill your stomach and try to keep hold it few second and then release.
  • Listen soft Music– you can listen soft music while you meditate you just need to close your eyes and feel the music feel the rhythm within your every breath try to focus on any particular sound of musical instrument.
  • Watch and focus any particular thing– it might be anything any specific color or you can watch and concentrate a flame of candle it will beneficial for your memory too.

This are some basic exercises which is really helpful let me know if you started doing this exercises and if you felt something new or got any result you can also share me if you have your own technique or however you do meditation from any way and if you not started yet then start from today thank you.

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