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First of all, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy life on this beautiful day the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY. I’m sure you are doing well whatever you do in your life for a living and I hope very soon you will achieve the highest and maximum in your field, now you can smile. And I hope now, meditation and yoga have been a daily dose for you and in your busy schedule you are giving time for meditation sound would be better if I say you are giving time for yourself, you are investing time for yourself, you are giving time for making your life better than before you are investing your time for your better health you are investing your time for achieving more than you can, you are investing your time for achieving the success. you are investing time for getting a healthy and happy life you are investing time for getting a healthy mind and healthy body you are investing time for making yourself a better version a better person a better father or mother a better husband or wife a better son or daughter a better brother or sister.

And if you have not started yet, then there could be no better day than today it’s yoga day set a goal and determine for it start it in small chunks then increase the efficiency and feel and see the changes and transformations in your life.

I would like to share with you something today it’s been more than the 8th month around the 9th month of doing yoga without missing one single day to me. I do SURYA NAMASKAR every day I think this is one of the most powerful exercises through you can able to do exercise for each part of your body in on single exercise if you are a working professional who works the entire day in one sitting on your chair then you should definitely do SURYA NAMASKAR

Because I also used to feel difficulty since the beginning when I started doing one sitting work on my table and chair in front of my desktop I used to feel pain in my back while my work and I have seen it has become a common phenomenon in among people who work on office almost their entire day.

When I started doing SURYA NAMASKAR, in the beginning, I felt difficulty but later when I get conditioned by this exercise and now it has become my habit, my daily routine I can do work for longer. And now I don’t have any kind of back pain.

As I said that SURYA NAMASKAR is an all-in-one exercise through this exercise your every and each body part gets impacted whether it be internally or externally too.

It helps you maintain your body weight its help you to make balance with the ideal body weight you can get a ideal and attractive body shape it’s true and its take time to achieve but you can also gain or lose weight naturally under the guideline of your instructor and nutritionist.

if you are looking for an exercise called full fledged body exercise then no doubt Surya Namaskar is one of the best workouts, you just need to give only 10 – 15 minutes for this exercise and if you do it consistently believe me then i don’t need to say here anything that you will get,

I hope you got inspiration from this post and if you have any question related to this post or if you have your own experience with yoga and SURYA NAMSKAR  then you can leave a comment bellow.

Thank you.

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