Meditation in various Religion

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As always there are huge and important roles have been of meditation in almost all religions in this world. Their technique might be

different from each other but their teaching is almost like same their aim has been same as always, so what could be their aim,

of course, to build an ideal community to help people to build a great and ideal personality to show humanity to the right direction

toward a meaningful life if they have any purpose for their life then it could be only how better contribute he can do for making a great society for the great country for the world for the welfare of human being.

Let’s see how meditation exist in various religion


Undoubtedly while it comes to the point of meditation then first of everyone mind has come to the remark a name of India even if

I talk about successful people top famous personalities of humankind ever in history then defiantly they have been influenced by the

power of meditation and they admitted that they have been a huge impact of meditation in their life and carrier. If I talk about

Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more others and I don’t think you might have never heard about their

connection between India and Indian spiritual leaders. If you are not, so don’t worry I I’m going to share with you a lot of interesting things and real facts related to legends’ life in my further post.

if we see the scenario of historically then since the beginning most of the people used to choose jungle mountain cave etc place

for meditation even if I talk about lord Buddha then he had started doing meditation underneath the tree of banyan and according to Buddhist text that was the place where he has got super knowledge the enlightenment and after that, he called Buddha.

And if I talk about Mahaveer Jain he also got Moksha among nature. The understanding thing is our life is concerned with nature and there is no competition between nature and the virtual artificial world which is made by humans.

Now understand why people like Buddha and Mahaveer have chosen jungle or mountains for meditation because nature has

answer of all of our life-related questions the reality is our life has begun with nature he has seen many centuries many of life he is

a witness of so many lives which is born and die which is created and destroyed which was once upon a time exist in this world but now even he has been completely extinct.

So what for the need to meditation by the way, of course, calm silence atmosphere where for few moments you totally forget this

world this is the moment when it doesn’t matter that who you are where you are how is your life going on how many problems

you have in your life this is the moment while you are reaching toward a feeling of zero toward nothingness through your

subconscious mind this is the moment while if you feel anything then it’s only you and when you prepare yourself consciously just like same then you started to get the answer of your life-related questions.


 Meditation can be used as a form of prayer in the Christian faith to connect with and reflect upon the word of God. It commonly consists of focusing on a series of thoughts, such as a passage from the Bible, and reflecting on its meaning.
Christian meditation differs from other forms of meditation that originated in the East, as it does not utilize mantras that are repeated to help in the process of enlightenment. Instead, it is believed to deepen the personal relationship with God. Christian leaders have warned against the integration of Christian meditation with Eastern meditative techniques.

Many mediation techniques commonly practiced today originate from ancient Buddhist meditation texts, which continue to be used by followers of the religion today.
Meditation is important on the pathway to enlightenment and nirvana in the Buddhist faith, both of which are believed to help reach a state of serenity and insight. Several techniques including breath meditation and recollections are widely taught in Buddhist schools, but there are also distinct methods that differ between different regions. As a result, Buddhist meditation is a variable practice with many different paths that may lead to enlightenment and nirvana.
In recent times, many non-Buddhist individuals have adopted these meditative techniques for various reasons including increasing awareness of self, and the practice is becoming more popular.

Meditation is central to the spiritual practice of Jainism and is thought to help attain enlightenment. In fact, the 24 Tirthankaras all exist in meditative postures.
Jain meditation is thought to be the pathway to salvation and attainment of the three jewels of faith, knowledge, and conduct. With these jewels, a state of complete freedom is gained.

Meditation, known as simran, is needed to achieve spiritual goals alongside good deeds in Sikhism. The practice is used to feel God’s presence and become one with the divine light.
In Sikhism, ten gateways are believed to belong to the body, nine of which are physical holes such as the nostrils, eyes, ears, mouth, urethra, and anus. In addition to these gateways, the tenth is the Dasam Duaay, which is an invisible hole for spiritual uses that is needed for enlightenment.

Islamic meditation, or Sufism, focuses on thinking that leads to knowledge and utilizes methods of breathing control and the repetition of holy words or mantras. There are several similarities between Islam and Buddhist meditation practices, such as the concentration technique and focused introspection.
Meditation is believed to improve healing ability and enhance creativity, in addition to awakening the heart and mind and allowing for inner growth and submission to God.

Credit Susan Chow, Ph.D.Reviewed by Benedette Cuffari, M.Sc.

Here if I talking about anything then its only about meditation I’m not an apostle of any specific religion or I’m not saying that this

religion has the best technique for meditation or those techniques is not good to try to understand this, religions and their

teaching for life is good and favorable for a human being if their purpose is only for the welfare of human being not influence for getting a vote and try to emphasis toward that we are great and other are nothing in front of us.


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