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A few months ago I had written an article it was random thought which that came to my mind and I just put it in my article through

words I didn’t know that this blog will get to be liked by people and it’s not only about liking and commenting. some of has wrote that

they have got some kind of positivity some kind of hope some kind of motivation. I just want to tell you whatever I had written,

it was just a few percentages of knowledge to concern meditation which I have learned for last more than 3 years of experience from my Guru

(teacher) who has got a lot of experience and expertise in meditation and I’m sure you might be won’t believe that thing the miracle and unexpected

experience which you feel during meditation. well as human beings we all want a happy and healthy life we all want that pain, sorrow ness and

all kinds of troubles stay away from us we all want


but life has some reality you can’t expect if you are happy today then

tomorrow will be the same if today everything is happening good with you then you can’t expect it will happen like same with you in your

entire life, I just want to say having troubles, sadness and pain is the reality of life, and it’s not only for humans beings its for all kinds of living

beings. but you know what is the best thing about human beings which they have got, obviously, they have got some advantage from

god and you can say that’s why we humans are different from all the living beings on our planet we can think and excicute, we can talk with each other we can share our ideas with others

and because we can think we could able to do innovate we could able to do create extraordinary things we

could able to do because we can think and execute, it really does matter in our life that what we think and what words we choose to speak a lot of peoples

are not aware of this and I believe everyone deserves a better life if they change their thinking of way and get knowledge of how our thought is responsible for our life.

but you may know having knowledge of the importance of our thinking and thought pattern is not enough we all have some past that

which you might even don’t want to remind we all have done some mistakes in our life in our past that make feels us regret the hurt we

all have got some painful experience memory that pushes us toward negativity and then we get started to breakdown then things getting started to worse for us

everything gets out of under our control we want to control but we can’t handle it because everything would have been above our understanding at that time, if we do anything then we could only feel this and watch this but nothing could do for that.

I’m sure you have felt that kind of experience in your life at least once, now let’s get come to the point of why I’m telling you

this entire thing, if you read this article till this point then definitely you want to know to get some solution you might expecting

some advice, well I just want to say only you have the solution to all problems of your life and you can get come out from

every trouble in your life, I just want to say before problems come you need to prepare for that obviously who know when and where? what is going to happen with us as we all play mind games with

our life our mind is the greatest asset of our life I just want to say keep it healthy and take a required action for getting a fit and healthy mind if you

ask me how to get a healthy mind then I have found meditation is the best way for getting a healthy mind it gets very important to

get a healthy mind to control your thought once you control your thought then you can control your body and when you control your body then definitely your life would be in control of you.

from my meditation journey, I have learned that if you want to get results in any specific field it might be for getting a good

memory power getting a fit body, losing weight then you have to do meditation with different methods it all are same but

different and I’m sure after a week you will feel the difference before and after one week of meditation and by the end of the month, you will start to get the result.

well in the further post I’m going to share with you a lot of things related to meditation and yoga but my main focus would be only on

meditation and I will also share with your the experiences of my meditation journey and how to do meditation, I will also share with you the easiest

way of meditation and simple but very effective exercise that will help you not only mentally rather physically fit too and I’m also

going to explain the myth about meditation that’s the reasons a lot of people think meditation is very difficult and we can’t do it if I talk

about my inclination toward meditation then I would like to tell you I have found meditation very useful in different scenarios of

my life incident I would not say that through meditation I have got the solution to my problems but it helped me to fight to face

against problems of my life it helped me to face unwanted situations, it helped me how to handle situations and it also helped me to make decisions for my life incident.

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