If you are practicing meditation then obviously you want to improvise in your life your career grow your relationship and only practicing meditation or knowledge of meditation cant help you to bring a transformation in your life what I have learned from life is that at the end of point everything gets end at one point and everything has connected with each other sometimes we think that we are playing very smartly and nobody watching you but although if anyone watching you or not but it gets to entry on the account of your Karama balance sheet and you don’t face the problems of others somehow it’s you, who face the problems created by itself and you can’t blame to someone else,

does affirmation really work?

We cant have control over our mind easily but we can give a direction to our thoughts through affirmations and that’s exactly what we need our thought is very powerful you need to give them a direction think about it why bestseller author Napoleon said that a man is poor because he thinks he is poor,

So what happened that as a routine I was thinking as thinkers do and I had come a moment inside of my mind from my past and I don’t want to remind the moment, incidents which have been passed whether it be good or bad but as I say in the beginning they are gonna not leave you until your death come.

Now think about that, in a practical way what happens after our death what happens to the thoughts which we have been carrying with us entire our life until we don’t get die what happens to those regressions guilt complaints which we carry entire our life like a burden,

the 60/20/10 concept is all about our health what is needed to do that in our every day the consumption of food should be like 60% of consumption should have the morning to afternoon, then after 20% consumption should have after, afternoon then 10% of consumption should have in the evening before sunset. And the amount of food consumption should have like 60% of food should have raw food and green vegetables in their natural form, not a cooked form. 20% food you can have whatever you want to eat it could be anything doesn’t matter how junk those foods are