You may know having a knowledge of important of our thinking and thought is not enough we all have some past that which you might be even don’t want to remind we all have done some mistakes in our life in our past that feels us regret hurt………

I believe whatever if you are ignored or avoided by world music never let you alone that’s why music is a magic. And you know meditation has same magic like music, meditation is an unstoppable music which has not any ending point through practice it will always playing in your mind……….

As always there are huge and important role have been of meditation in almost all religion in this world. Their technique might be different from each other but their teaching is almost like same their aim has been same as always……..

Assumption meditation in early life

 I was think that this all thing are time wasting because I assumed that this culture is old and now time has been changed why a 21th century person spend time for this kind of thing actually this entire system was designed according to Indian ancient education called ashram system………

Teenage a period when you can shape and design a beautiful life a beautiful career between 15 to 20 it is an age while we would have lot of question and confusion about life this is the period while as teenager we would have lot of energy and capability of learning things and as compare to while we get grown old…….

According to media reports and internet the world famous person and the cofounder of APPLE company Steve job had always used to keep this book on his apple I phone as an pdf format and might be he mentioned it several time in his speeches. According to his biography once a time when he became hopeless he goes college but he used to participate things like meditation…….