There is no secret behind if I say that every successful people life has been concern with meditation. And you can able to see it easily around you unconsciously people get involved in meditation through Music, Art, their Hobbies their creativity, sports and many more thing could be involved.​

Coz whatever if your goal might be gaining muscles or weight or losing weight you have to keep this thing in your mind that great things takes time and you need be patience and at least 3 month you need to keep continue your consistency for your workout and im sure after 1 or 2 month you will able to see the result.​

We think that something we gonna missing something and that why we get to become the part of the rat race and entire life we do what our body asks for their requirement which has the only requirement of outer things.

It’s an internal pleasure that can be experienced through internally and through the practice you can feel it as well.

Nobody gets frustrated by his work rather they could not able to understand the minor constructions that usually happen inside our body at a certain time or period.

Now try to understand this, it’s very difficult to control our thoughts and although through practice you can achieve that level while you can control your all thoughts but controlling our thoughts is something like controlling a deadly flood when you try to control on your thoughts then your thoughts try to overcome on you more forcefully as you force to yourself for controlling your thoughts you can say here newton third law gets applied,

we are the creation of the universe we are the beautiful art by god by nature and we need to understand this and I believe that an artist can survive anywhere on this planet, And might be this all are the reason that way my father always encourage me toward learning new skills and learning skills are not only something like survival stuffs its some kind of enlightenment.

If you are enthusiastic about beauty or face glowing tips or tricks then you must try this exercise and its doesn’t matter if you are men or women after doing this exercise you feel thanks and it’s not only for adult anyone can get benefited by this exercise coz it helps you to keep calm to yourself so whenever you feel stress or headache then do this exercise and I’m sure you will feel and get an instant result.